Antique styling and interior design Bristol. Dig Haushizzle. Cassie Nicholas Studios
Foxed antique gold framed mirror. Antiques in Bristol.
Antique framed mirror.
Gold frame foxed mirror. Interior design in Bristol.
Original foxed antique mirror
Antique mirror. Interior styling and interior photography Bristol.
Foxed antique framed mirror. Interior design Bristol
Interior design and styling on Bristol. Cassie Nicholas
Gilt framed antique mirror. Antiques and interior design Bristol.
Gold framed antique mirror. Bristol. Dig Haushizzle
Large full length antique mirror. Bristol
Interior design and product photography Bristol. Cassie Nicholas Studios
Antique foxed full length mirror. Bristol. Dig Haushizzle

Antique Bamboo Framed Mirror

An antique bamboo framed mirror. The frame is layered gilt bamboo, some of the gilding has come off creating a great patina. The mirror itself is original and has exceptional foxing giving a misty appearance. 

At some point in its life the frame has been drilling through to allow it to go on the wall. These holes aren't overly noticeable, but could be used again if wished. 

The mirror has a wooden back and could be hung either landscape or portrait. No fixings are supplied 

Measures: 150cm tall x 61.2cm wide x 5cm deep

Due to the nature of this item, please get in contact for a delivery quote tailored to your destination.