Our Story

We are Edward and Cassandra Nicholas and we started Dig Haüshizzle in 2010 with no experience at all in antiques. It may have been a slight rash decision on our part, but it was one we both took on with the upmost enthusiasm. We both become very interested in antiques and interiors when we bought our first flat together - a one bedroom flat in a Georgian Square with the ceiling height, wood paneling, sash windows and the details we could have only dreamed. As we already seemed to have a bit of an art collection gathering, our furniture and decorative items were really not up to scratch and so began the hunt and it soon became obvious we were pretty good at finding things. The flat was becoming less of a project and more of a calling. It took almost a year of buying before making the push onto the next stage - we had built a website but had no idea how to get people to it.
The flat went on to be photographed and featured in Homes and Antiques Magazine, Red Magazine and Reclaim and featured on Design*Sponge.
As the collecting became more prolific we began loaning items of furniture to pop-up's and other events and also selling a few pieces along the way too. Then in March 2012 we opened up our first pop-up store right opposite Harvey Nichols in Cabot Circus. We were there for six weeks and really had no idea how it would pan out. Armed only with a rudimentary website and a small Facebook following, pre-Cabot pop-up had been a slow time for us. But upon opening the doors on that first day our items started selling, and selling fast. At the end of the six weeks we were left sat on a table on the last day with a handful of things left to sell. 
After a slight break to get married eight months later we went all in. We opened our first store in the Christmas Steps arts Quarter in Bristol City Centre in December 2012. It was a fantastic corner store with large panoramic windows and high ceilings. As well as an antique and Interiors store, it played host to Taxidermy Courses, TV shows, late night drinking with friends, music videos and even became a restaurant for a feature film. A year into opening the shop Edd left his job and we were both fully fledged antiques dealers, learning everything as we went. Although I had worked in retail for years having your own store was very different and we both took on an array of new skills. I studied Fashion Photography so photography tutorial was one of Edd's first lessons. We both learned the ins and outs of bookkeeping, decorating, sign writing, graphic design, restoration, wiring and everything else that goes with it. After 5 and a half years of hard but enjoyable work, it was time for a change and we decided to close the store. Don't get us wrong we loved having a shop and it was so rewarding to see our pieces, ideas and visions physically come to life. However as our online business grew, as did our over heads. We decided it was time to take a step away from running a bricks and mortar shop. Opening six days a week and having very little time away from the store gave us a real desire for a bit of a lifestyle change. So in April 2018 we closed the door on the store and made the website our sole focus.
Dig Haüshizzle is now run from our home near Victoria Park in Bristol, and the two of us are out in the van more than ever hunting for exciting things. As well as running the online store,  we can now focus more on interior design projects. Cass is now also styling and photographing shoots for clients and ourselves. In 2019 Cassie was a designer on the new BBC and Netflix show, Interior Design Masters. The show is hosted by Fearne Cotton and judge by interior expert Michelle Ogundehin. The competition was tough and with only a week to design and source for each project, including a Barber shop in Whitstable a restaurant in Bristol and a family home in Manchester. Cassie went on to win the competition and completed the prize of a contract in a top London hotel in Summer 2019.
Interior Design Master TV Cassie. Cassie Nicholas is an interior designer on the BBC and Netflix series Interior Design Masters with Fearne Cotton, Matthew Williamson and Jade Jagger
We love the creative nature of this business and other areas that we have been so fortunate to learn so much about. So that bring us to where we are at the minute - honing our skills, picking up pearls of wisdom from the incredible people we’ve met along the way, and always trying to improve upon yesterday.
Cass and Edd x x