Vintage alabaster lamp, interior designer Cassie Nicholas Studios
Vintage alabaster lamp. Interiors and product photographer Cassie Nicholas Studios Bristol
Vintage alabaster lamp in the shape of an urn.
White alabaster lamp. Interior design and decorative antiques Dig Haushizzle Bristol
Vintage lighting and decorative alabaster lamp. Interior designer in Bristol Cassie Nicholas studios
Vintage alabaster lamp. decorative antique lighting and homewares Bristol. Dig Haushizzle
Vintage Alabaster Lamp. interior design Cassie Nicholas

Vintage Alabaster lamp

This alabaster lamp is a beauty. The light that comes through alabaster has a dull orange glow that is very delicate.The piece has marble like quality with darker veins running through it. It has saved carved detailing. It is in good vintage condition although the edging is not perfectly smooth there are no major chips. 

Re-wired and PAT tested

Measures // 25.5cm tall // 9.5cm wide at base // 9.5cm deep at base