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We have started tagging our home renovation with the hashtag #slowgrowndecor and we would like to invite you to use the hashtag to share you slow and character full interiors. We will share our favourites over on our instagram. We have chosen these words for the hashtag as we realised this sums up a lot of how we design at home.

Renovating our home is one of my favourite interior projects. Obviously its great as we can do whatever we like within budget but it has taken us a long time. We have been here for a little over two years now and I feel only one room is considerably finished. However I think the time it has taken to create the space really helps to give it a more authentic charachter as well as whole lot more practical benefits through a more organic approach.


 Things are going slowly for many reasons but maybe mostly because of the below.

  • TIME  A problem for everyone, finding the time to do these things on top of work, life, etc.
  • MONEY We do things as and when we can. We really push the budget out on certain pieces, whether its a chair, light fitting, coving. However to counter balance these expenses it means we try and take on all the work ourselves. Now I do love being very hands on and trying things and it means we have put in bannisters, ceiling roses, fire surrounds, made wardrobes and our kitchen too. However it is a lot slower and we have made a few practical mistakes along the way.
  • TIME Ok I know I have already said this but bare with me. I do actually think having to do it slowly is a good thing. It allows for living in a space and feeling it first and seeing how things work best for you. So I suppose its partly a choice of why it has taken so long. This approach only ever works in your own home so I really relish getting to think about every detail way more than once. Giving yourself the time to create your space with out deadlines means you can wait for the perfect things to come along,  you can work out you don't need those extra three wall lights you originally desperately wanted. It also allows you to appreciate what you have and anything you have done yourself.


 Growing your home is also about looking at what you have. When designing I don't feel comfortable about thinking everything has to be re-done and new. I do also take this approach while working for clients, but often the deadlines are much shorter so you do not have the luxury of two years to find the perfect curtain pelmet! There is already so much stuff in the world that getting rid of so much to buy all new just pains me. Im not saying don't buy anything new but looking for quality and longevity I think are so important. By looking at what you have and what you love you can see what pieces are missing and really focus on finding the best things to fill the gaps. This doesn't have to be finished by the time the paint has dried but if it takes a few years it means you get to keep looking and I think that is half the enjoyment.

It's obviously not for everyone, designing and doing everything like this. Edd and I are lucky to work often from home so get a bit more of a chance to get things done through the week. As well as that our job is to be out buying beautiful things so we kind of have that feeling that something perfect will turn up eventually as we are looking so often.



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