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So not the prettiest, tidiest, or most exciting part of the restoration but certainly the most expensive. Over a few weeks a great team rebuilt the roof, knocked down walls, built walls, layed concrete and re-wired the house. Edd spent almost all of this time on the scaffolding endlessly painting the pebblele dash facade with a perfected dabbing motion.

So in moving forward we made ourselves kitchen less. This lasted for much longer than planned and is still only just starting to come together again. No sink seemed to be the bit that was the hardest, doing the washing up in the bath then subsequently blocking the plug hole with pasta is not a good look! We hunted around for the right kind of sink and cooker that we wanted and once they were sourced it was a necessity to get these fitted fairly quickly.  Then before any more excitement Edd and I spent hours and I mean HOURS sealing then filling then sanding the walls in the kitchen/dining room. Filling and sanding walls is a huge job especially when ours where in such an awful state. It felt like such slow progress for the amount of work put in not to mention the huge amount of dust it generates. I’m not going to lie, there were a few times where we both questioned wether we had bitten off more than we could chew… should we just have hired a pro plasterer? Our bank balanced answered that question for us, NO!


One morning whilst making the first cuppa of the day Edd started getting dripped on by my shower water above. Due to a leaky bath tub the plaster on the kitchen ceiling had blown which meant it needed completely replastering. Due to my zero tolerance on losing any ceiling height, boarding over the existing ceiling and plastering on top was out of the question.

So this got us brain storming about what options we could do ourselves. We came to the conclusion the knackered ceiling had to come down either way so in a cloud of black dust (think plane delaying, volcanic dust cloud)  we pulled it all down hoping to uncover country style beams, which me did! This also added extra height to the kitchen area, meaning that we didn’t have to pay a plasterer and we gained height, win win!


I'm hoping this part of the renovation is going to be the most trying. I am saying this (well typing this) just after taking a huge chunk out of a finger while cutting parquet flooring. So we don’t really have any idea what to expect next really.

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