Project Haüs – The First Steps

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The first few days in the house there was a lot done. We had our artwork up on the walls and plonked in our furniture. It immediately felt a little more like out home despite the 1960’s bad bed and breakfast vibe going on.  I did almost immediately realise we can’t go as fast as we would like, regarding the DIY. We want to do as much as we can ourselves as we enjoy it also we just don’t have the budget to make it go any faster.

141 IMG_4429Stage one was stripping everything, every single wall and ceiling had wallpaper on it. You name it this house had it, embossed wallpaper, weird polystyrene tiles, foil backed wallpaper and your standard 80’s soft pink flowery wallpaper.  We wanted a blank canvas for the builders to start and also wanted to give ourselves chance to live in the spaces before firming up our interior plans.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset We had plans on leaving some green leafy wallpaper in the little bedroom but on removing cupboards it was much dirtier than we thought so it had to go. After the wall paper was gone we were loving lots of bare plaster in the house and it does look better than what was there before. However we are keen to start replastering most rooms quite soon.


There was only one room that could be painted that didn’t need ripping apart or replastering, that was the lean too. We plan for this space to be both an office space, pottery room, dining space and utility. So only a few things to cram in!

We’re going to soften it a little with a curtain that will draw across the whole windows and doors to keep a bit more heat in in the winter. On replacing the roof, although big glass panels framed in grey metal would be ideal it will be totally budget blowing. So keeping it lean too style will be plastic clear twin wall.


The other places we started doing a few bits on is the front door. Basically the original door was a homemade nightmare in my eyes, but employing a very skilled carpenter for a day or two has transformed the front of the house.

IMG_4332The house was never really a romantic looking house from outside but we were very sure a small face lift will give it way more kerb appeal.

totterdownHaving lived in flats up until now this is the first time we have had our own front door. A strong door makes so much difference to the appeal of a house and it took a lot of deliberating to decide what colour to go for. Being so close to Totterdown in Bristol where most of the house are painted in bright colours we really toyed with the idea of doing the same but realistically just didn’t think it would work so well with this house. Also our inner goths can not resit another chance to paint something black. So we opted for Farrow and Ball.

1414.jpg 1417 14112we moved in the door was homemade and had large glass sections and didn’t do the house any favours. We immediately found a reclaimed door to fit (well a little over the size so it could be trimmed down). It was a lovely Victorian four panelled door, as it turned out there was just too much to take off the side of the door also although marketed as a front door it was also too thin and our door gap was a very unusual size.

The joiner we got to fit the door suggested, filling in the existing door with wood and adding the panelling details. I was very dubious at first, I really wanted an original door but after another month of looking for the right one and getting nowhere, I just really wanted the glass out so we had it done. I am so so very happy that we did, the joiner was highly skilled and I was amazed at how great it looked when he’d finished.


On the price front we paid £150 for the original door which we managed to get refunded and would have paid close to another £100 for fitting. To remake the existing door was £160 and we were are so chuffed to the detail paid to making it right. I also hand guilded the door number copying the only original number left on the street. With some added door furniture and plants its looking great.

IMG_0020Next Week – The Heavy Stuff …….

Cass and Edd x x 

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