Project Haüs – One Year In.

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We are one year in and with the first photo shoot going on at the house at the beginning of March it finally feels like its more our house than not. That being said not one room is finished yet (and most still are not started).

The Kitchen

The kitchen and dining room so far have had the most amount of attention mainly as it was the most amount of work. We knocked the wall down between the kitchen and dining room and removed the door from the kitchen to the lean too. We pulled the ceiling down to expose the joists and the floor boards above. With huge amount of help from my Dad we have had built the whole kitchen and plumbed it all in. Admittedly there is lots to go. I will do a separate post on the parquet work surfaces which I made myself and almost lost a finger doing.  I have one section left to go so will do a bit of a step by step guide.



We really wanted to have a kitchen that had a very lived in feel and although we would have loved to have had old cabinets to make our surfaces and storage it just wasn’t practical as the space is so small. So we made the frames to the space. One of my main things I was very excited about was making curtains to front the storage instead of doors. I found an amazing pair of vintage thick woven curtains for £10 for the pair! They were very holey but I have darned and patched them and am so chuffed with them. I really didn’t want them to be floral or too “country kitchen” and these had a great pattern and colour.  I still have three left of these to make.









The Curtains and the not yet finished work surface. A few of the pieces I am most proud of

With one section of the cabinets to finish, the floors, the coving, some shelves and the doors to the living room. The to do list for the kitchen and dining room has gotten a lot smaller. I would hope in the coming weeks I really can photograph it all finished and can really get back into the cooking!

The Hallway

The hallway we have a bit of a deadline on with an impending photo shoot. It wouldn’t have been one of our first places to do otherwise I also didn’t realise how much of a big job it would be. Firstly we have to replace all the bannisters and spindles. We looked at getting lovely old spindles but as we intended for the stairs to be black we decided against it. We found many beautiful spindles but they were not cheap and we have to priorotise where to spend the extra money. So B&Q £2.50 a spindle it was. With help from our friends Rae and James a weekend was spent building the bannister. It was a lot of head scratching, tea, biscuits and swearing but we got there. With dinner at 11pm followed by drinking until about 4 we really made the most of our weekend together (Thank you guys).

You can see below from the photos when we first moved in the textured wallpaper that plagued this house, even on the ceiling too.  I still would love to change the patterned glass on the porch door. Its just one to many things at the minute but its on the list! The door into the lounge has gone as well as the one to the dining room.  More wall space is always a necessity for us. The sliding door into the kitchen has gone too.


Recently I found a light while I was supposed to be buying for the shop. We wanted something that hung quite far down and also that had a great old patina to give some life to the space.  Although I would have never have bought this light for the shop as it was broken beyond repair in places and was totally bent I quite liked this idea for home. I like visual repairs and the imperfect. I came home with it on a whim and luckily Edd liked it too.  Edd go on the rewiring and together we hard wired in our first chandelier light!

We are trucking on with loads of help (except Beecher he is useless) and expect some finished articles soon.


Cass and Edd x xx

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