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We lived in our lovely one bed flat in Hotwells in Bristol for over 6 years. We always felt so privileged to live in a tiny part of Dowry Square right at the back behind the gardens in one section of an amazing building. It had been on our minds to move for a while and we really wanted a garden for Beecher and some more space. Also the flat had done everything it could for us we had pretty much finished what we wanted to do to it had it featured in magazines and had some lovely photos. We knew it would be heart wrenching but it was time to go.


The thought of more space and a new project was quite a draw and somewhere we could grow into a little more. We will very much miss those amazing windows and my favourite little alcove. It took me forever to strip I’m sure I will do some drive by one day to see of it has been painted over.



I got a bit addicted to right move over the last year or so. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was looking for whether we could possible get a shop with a flat above or just a flat/ small house. We knew both being self employed that there was really not going to be a lot of scope to raise our mortgage to much also we couldn’t really afford too . So mainly it meant widening our search and looking out of town. Also it took me a long time to become more realistic with my expectations. I was kind of looking for what we had but with an extra bedroom and a garden, this was so far out of our budget but somehow I still thought it may turn up.

Like a lot of places the Bristol proper market is mental. We have had friends buying here often moving from elsewhere or first time buyers telling us how crazy it was but to be honest didn’t totally believe them until we got in it ourselves. Properties selling the day they are put on the market for 10% over the asking price, snaking lines on viewings at open houses, having very little information on properties ” as it will sell anyway’ We knew we wanted a project and we looked at a lot, from the house with no floor to the one we affectionally call dead cat house (i still have a pang for how nice that house could have been) we eventually found a two bed flat and although offered over the asking price and were the top bidders lost out to an investor as the sellers just wanted a quicker easier option.  So its fair to say after about 6 offers on different properties we were feeling pretty deflated.


We eventually found a three bed house with double garage 35 minutes walk from the shop. I know three bedrooms and a double garage!!! It wasn’t what we were remotely expecting to be in our budget but there it was in all its 1960’s decor glory a 1920’s house with a lean too, garden and double garage. It didn’t have the kerb appeal of many of the houses we saw and was on a very main road but all the positives seemed to be heavily outweighing the negatives. I had to let my heart see the sense in this house. 200sq ft bigger than any other flat or house we had seen and with a 300sqft garage. After months of stresses negotions and chatting with builders the deal is finally done and we are in.

We already have a few nice pieces that really should have gone into the shop but will be coming with us into our new home. Its not usually the done thing else we would never sell anything but I promise it is literally only 3 things. I think they are the starting points for a few rooms too so really looking froward to get our interior ideas flowing. Hopefully the house will give us lots more space for keeping and photographing stock too. So it should be great for both us and our business.

A sneak peek below of the house and the kind of jobs in store for us.


We are going to try and blog the process, I don’t think it is going to be a house with many amazing old features to find, I think we have to find them and put them back in but lets see how it goes. Hopefully there will be a few surprises.

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