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Its always weird what things stick with you. The other day we got asked what are most current loves. I think this made us realise we are not so current and often pretty influenced in what we like now from things we saw ages ago. One of my main things that I think influenced a lot of what I like now including photography, interiors, fashion and design is an exhibition I went to a few years ago. It was "Twilight: Photography in the magic hour" at the V&A in 2006.


In 2006 I was still at university and would love to say it was always me the pushed to go to so many exhibitions but it wasnt. My best friend at Uni was Bek and she often suggested so many things for us to go and see and she always really pushed me creatively and as a person which I am so very thankful for. Bek even managed to get me on to her course trip to New York. I dont think anyone else had such a good time there as us but that is a total other story.

Back to "Twilight" this was one of those exhibitions we were at for ages and I actually loved everything even the video art! (which I very rarely even like) I had seen many of the pictures before and was already quite a big Gregory Crewdson fan but seeing the photographs so big in beautiful lit rooms was something a bit special. I immediatly fell in love with the colours and quite simply photographs in the dark.



Studying fashion photography this exhibition became one of my biggest influences alongside a huge love of Caravaggio which always seemed to go together pretty nicely. I loved the posed and intricate film set details of Crewdsons work and the such amazing skin colours of Bill Henson and the real characters pictured by Lorca Dicorcia. Below are a few of my photographs for University time, you can kinda see what I was going for.


Recently though I have been quite surprised how I think the love of this exhibition has shown up in so many of my other interests. Namely interiors. I love dark Victoriana and a good dose of rough luxe and cant help but feel the comparisons on how my photography love just grew into something else. I think colours is always what i am personally drawn to or lack of it. I read recently that designer Alexandre de Betak always starts an interior which a black wall instead of a white wall. I like this idea of almost working backwards from the conventions. I think this is where the similarity lies with the twilight photography. As when you take a photo in a very dark enviroment you are almost working backwards from the dark and bringing in the light. I do like the challenge of photos in the dark you have to work much harder and you often come up with something quite different to what you can physically see.


Within interiors they often say its best to start with a colour pallette. This is something that I would have never wanted to do as I kind of just want things to evolve naturally. Although the more our own flat becomes more "designed" and thought about, man our colour pallette has really helped.


With all our love of dark though, we are actually starting with whites in the bedroom. I know White! What are we thinking?

Im looking forward to where my love of dark goes next.

Bek and I circa 2006, probablly just been to some exhibtion drank red wine, moved on to a gig, club with the band then be brought home on the tour bus. All an average night. ( Ok not that average but some stand outs)


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