New Website! Ever Changing Colour Scheme! Maybe A Discount Code!!

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Ok so you've probably noticed by now we have a completely new look website. Our vision for the site is for its look to evolve over time and for these changes to be accompanied by a blog post that shows what's inspired said changes. Mainly focusing on the colours used on the website and pictures of these colours in interior settings, why we think they work and where they'd best work. 

The first colour combination we decided to go with is pink, red and white.  I'm really enjoying the huge contrast in these three colours. The bold red set against the soft pink can be jarring but who wants to play it safe when it comes to colour?

We opted for a straight up brilliant white as opposed to an off white to continue the theme of high contrast, the introduction of the white helps to separate the red and pink and stops those to colours becoming too sickly sweet.



Placing these colours into an interior setting needn't be daunting, the pink and white are colour combo classics, the pink and red is a new found classic. Either one of these two combos played alongside accessories in the third colour will work a treat!

The wear on the wall colour in the photo below ticks all three boxes in one go, moving from deep pinky red right through to dusty pinks and finally hints of white, beautiful. 

I love how this next picture uses two shades of pink in the bed sheets and wall colour, then picks up the red and white colours from accessories throughout the room, wether thats on the walls in the artworks, that damp on the bedside table of the seating cushion.


To celebrate the launch of of new website use discount code RedandPink at check out for 10% discount. Valid until 12th August '18 10pm.

Edd x

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