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For years artists have used Mosaic Tiles within their work, due to its nature there is something really unique regarding the technique. No two pieces will ever be the same, your choice of tile wether its size, colour or shape would be totally different to mine. I love that about this art. 

Like everything the art of Mosaic Tiling comes in and out of fashion, but personally I feel there is something special and timeless about the time, dedication and unique eye it takes to produce some mosaic pieces. Time, dedication and uniqueness never go out of fashion in my eyes. 

Some of you probably have noticed we've been trying to dig out Mosaic pieces of furniture recently and the hard work have started to bare fruits! Wether its large handmade planters or smaller mid century side tables. It become clear to use that mosaic tiling is really versatile when it comes to interiors. To gain a better understanding of how people have used the art form I sent an afternoon researching and thought I would share with you a few pictures and websites that blew me away. 

First up, Raymond Isidore his life spanned from 1900 through to 1964. During that time he created the mind bending mosaic masterpiece that is La Maison Picassiette. A cemetery caretaker by trade and collected broken pieces of pottery from all over and created something white spectacular that even great artist such as Pablo Picasso visited. Alexxa Gotthardt wrote a great article for about Isidore and his home.

Arguably the most famous mosaic artwork in the world, Parc Güell in Barcelona, one of the major works of Gaudí. Maybe you haven't got quite the time or space to pull this off in your back garden, but I could write a blog post on mosaics and not include the masterpiece. 

Whilst doing my research I came across the artist Kaffe Fassett, some of you may be familiar with this artist but it was a new name to me. He has worked in the arts of knitting, patchwork, embroidery and mosaics during his lifetime. The picture below is an image I found on his website, I fell it really shows the versatility and uniqueness that mosaics can bring to a home. 

Finally a country thats had a big impact on interior tends in the UK over the past few years, Morocco. Instagram and pinterest are full of jaw dropping images of original mosaic tile work from the colourful country. 

Got the mosaic bug after that? Click through on the picture below to view our latest stock including a plethora of mosaic beauties!


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