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Cassie & I always have our eyes open looking for different things to inspire us, it can come at any time and in many different shapes or forms. Architecture, fashion, design... the usual suspects pop up all the time. Just walking around, seeing how colours and sometime unintentionally walk so well together is something I've started to hunt out more and more. 

Shortly after I'd finished reworking our website I came across this GQ article on Tyler The Creator, the photos were shot by self taught photographer Mattieu Venot. Apparently he'd never taken a professional photograph of a person before this shoot, if true he's done an outstanding job. In my opinion, the addition of Tyler The Creator in these photos adds something a little extra that takes his great photography style into awesome territory!

Photos by Mattieu Venot -

It got me thinking about using this style within interiors, I know people will be shouting this is just Wes Anderson I'm seeing in front of me, but I think the style that both Mattieu Venot and Tyler The Creator add to the shoot adds a few extra fresh touches to the Wes Anderson mode.

With a few rooms still needing to be finalised in our house don't be surprised to see this inspiration seep into one or two of them at our place.



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