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This could be a how to or a how not to do something depends on what you are going for really.  I have been a fan of mosaics for quite a while now and especially like it on quite large scale walls. I have done it once before for a client but now wanted to give it a bash by myself in my own home.

We have had a a bare window sill for quite a look time now in our kitchen. When I mean bare as well I just been the tops of bricks. We bricked up half the wall when we knocked through the kitchen but so many of the finishing details are still to go. This was one of them.


Firstly I started by filling in the bricks with filler to level out the surface a little bit (this is probably not the actual way to do this)  I done a pretty rough job as I was impatient it would have been better if I did carefully level it all out but realistically I probably would just do it the same again.


I had quite a few leftover tiles around the house so thought this would be a good area to trial out really. The problem I had by using random tiles was they were not all exactly the same depth. This was fine for the windowsill but wouldn't have been very good for a table top or anything.

I used a hammer to smash the tiles up a bit and very protective sunglasses to stop the little bits bouncing off into my eyes. I then used a tile snips to cut them down a little more and to shape when needed.

I used a mixed adhesive and grout in one by Dunlop from Selco. Its about £8 for the pot. The adhesive in this is fine but if i was doing a larger scale I would get un mixed grout as this stuff isn't the easiest or nicest to use. For the little area though, I just wanted to keep it simple.

I started first by laying out the adhesive in sections and using the tiles with the straight edges to the edges of the window sill then I filled in the centres.

To glue and tile I used a specialist piece of kit known as my old library card. It actually worked out all right and I probably wouldn't get anything proper in future but thats just me. The tile snips were really great though even if some of the tiles were way tougher than others.

It took me quite a while to grout and clean the tiles. I was really aware of leaving the grout for to long and getting hard bits on top and that is exactly what happened. I managed to clean it all off but was a little more effort than it needed to be.

I then finished off the edges with some wooden glass beading. I just need to caulk the edges now and touch up the window paint. Ow as well as actually sand and seal the work top. One job at a time though hey



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  • Hi,

    I loved reading about your appreciation & interest in mosaics. I’ve been slightly addicted to messing about with tile nippers & old china for years. I’ve made everything from anchors, birds and cats to quite literally the whole alphabet once. Check out Cleo Mussi if you haven’t heard of her. She inspired me.

    Adele Zaslawska on

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