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This week our home has been featured by the fantastic Design*Sponge, recently it also made an appearance to in Homes and Antiques magazine.

We have a one bedroom flat in Bristol and we have been here for 6 years. It is not finished and never will be as there is always new ideas to try or amazing things to be found. We love Bristol , it’s fantastic place to live and a fantastic place to set up a small business as well as having some amazing houses!!

Although our flat is small we are very lucky to have the high ceilings, large windows and original features that can be seen in many houses across Bristol. I think our flat is what inspired us really to start our business and man has it been a fun thing to do.

You can see the full post on our home by Design*Sponge here.

Our home is basically and extension of our store it’s everything we like in one place.

Above is our living space, we love it. It is dark and inviting and always a great place to return to. If we had to change one thing in here it would be our wall lights. We have been looking for so long now for them nothing but perfect will do! They are all in slight weird places and could do with a major move around.

The alcove really makes the room, we have painted it so many colours until finally stripping it back, it turns out thats just what was needed. There is a beautiful original harlequin pattern that just shows through the layers of paint. The coffee table is the first major purchase Edd and I ever made together and I am sure will come everywhere with us. Its made up of original and pretty rare letter press blocks.


The Hotel Negresco banner was bought for the shop, but it never left our home. We don’t keep many items that we find, stock for the shop always has to be the number one priority but a nice trip to Nice to check out Hotel Negressco wouldn’t go a miss!





We designed our small but lovely kitchen with the expert help of carpenter Lee Jennings. The worktops are all old iroko school science benchs complete with plenty of graffiti and holes for Bunsen burners. We hunted for these for a while as they needed to be slightly wider than normal but the guys at Glastonbury reclamation came up trumps!




That carpet bag! I bough that bag in Brugge in 2005 on a trip around Europe with Edd a few months after we met. It is pretty broke now, faded and tired but I like it even more.


This photo is an illusion, our table is rarely this tidy and there is no way croissants would normally hang around that long! The beautiful flowers are by Ruby and the Wolf. The taxidermy deer heads were purchased as a pair about 8 years ago and date to the late 1800’s. They’re a little moth eaten but they fit the space perfectly.


Our bedroom is a bit of an experiment for us with brights. We love dark interiors however we do have a lot of very bright pieces of art and without enough wall space they needed a little space to speak for them selves. So we gave white a try and we love it, the contrast with the black floor that runs throughout the whole flat works perfectly. Black and white, an age old combination!

We love to collect! It started really with art prints, then we have the antiques, the broken clocks, the Vivienne Westwood and the books! The thing with collecting you never know when the next thing will come up, I don’t think you could sell decorative antiques for a living and not collect yourself. Like I said, we cannot keep as much as we like but we get the thrill of buying something awesome all the time and then you get to sell it too and see it in its new home. Thats one of the best feelings!






We love working on projects like this and I loved the interior styling for the shoot and making sure every bit of the flat looked perfect! It’s great because quite a lot has already changed since this shoot a few months ago. The photographer is Matt Somerville a great friend and not to mention a great photographer ! Matt lives in Vancouver and man we have fun on his visits and do we work each other hard ! We have done buying trips, shoots, delivers and obscene drinking games and party’s all in one day. Plus our favourite van game – van wave. Matt is a great landscape and portrait photographer and also specialises in Weddings this is his first interior shoot and man did he impress us !


The three of us below having some of the best times in Portland –


Photo from (but this one actually taken by Amanda Biggs)

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