5 Years on Colston Street

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This week it is five years since we opened our store on Colston Street in Bristol City centre. We have been running the business on line for seven years and this was such a huge leap for us and we have absolutely loved it.  Edd and I feel extremely lucky to get to work together and do something we love. Of course there has been some very hard times and we have learnt a lot but for now we want to just celebrate being here for five years and to thank you all so much for your ongoing support. We have met some truly wonderful people doing this and it has become way much more than a job. We have been to beautiful houses all over the country and seen our pieces in places we couldnt dream they would end up. We are really very thankful for this experience.


We were very lucky to have done a pop up shop in Cabot Circus a few months before opening up and pretty much sold out of everything. The things we had there had taken us years to amase. Now we had about 6 months and although we had  a bit of money in our pocket after the pop up store we didn’t actually open the shop with a whole lot of stock.  We also never wanted it to be too full so its always been a balance of style and display and whether we actually have all the stock out. Edd and I with the help of family and friends decorated and fitted the shop out in about ten days and with about £1500 that bought us a serious amount of dark grey paint! I think the shop has changed and possibly become a little more niche then when we opened which really was not our original intention but we both have become some much clearer on what we like and I think that is just reflected a little more.

Over the years we have hosted Taxidermy Course and Demonstrations, tv shows, music videos, blogs, clothing brands and a feature film, not even to mention the late night drinking sessions done by us and friends. We never seem to know what the shop can be next and are looking forward to seeing just what comes up.

As a Thank you we are offering 15% off every item in store just for today! just use the code DH15 at the online checkout or pop by and come and see us.


Cass and Edd x xx


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