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We are constantly buying stock and always hunting so if there is something you are looking for let us know and it may pop up on our travels. The more details you can give us the better so we don’t send you images of things your not interested in. Also please bare in mind we may never find exactly what your are looking for but its always good to have another set of eyes looking too.






Description of item you are looking for

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Sell Us Something

We are always on the look out to buy more interesting items for our store if you have something that you think we would like and fits our style and would like to try and sell it to us you can do here.




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Please upload some photos of the item you wish to sell, as it makes things much easier for is to decide if it is the kind of thing we are looking for

Location Hire

We often hire out our store for photo shoots, video shoots meetings and events. Please get in contact here if you are interested in this service


Here are a few photographs and videos below from previous businesses and organisations that have used our store.

BESPOKE BRIDE  is a fabulous wedding blog that used our store for a photoshoot to promote their newly branded website. The photoshoot was both for stills and a video which were used to promote themselves other wedding businesses and their site.


EJT_0999EJT_0914 EJT_0974

There were a huge number of people in the wedding industry involved in this shoot please see below if there are any aspects of the shoot that interested you.

Hair & Makeup: Isobel While from The Bridal Styling Company
Photography: Edd Taylor
Styling: The Little Wedding Helper
Dresses: The Mews, Clifton
Hair Piece on Jess: Hermione Harbutt
Hair Piece on Emily: Isobel White from The Bridal Styling Company
Favours: Piece of Cake HQ
Models: Bespoke Bride
Journalist: Bronwyn Kyte
Video: Ido Wedding Films

ANTIC APPAREL are a Bristol based clothing brand that used our store to take some of its product photos.


Product Hire

We occasionally hire out products for photo shoots and TV shows please get in touch if you are interested in this service and would like some more information


Interior Styling

We also offer an Interior Styling Service.

please get in touch if you would like any more details